Sustainable farming is at the heart of what every farmer believes in.

At Barkley Company, being a proper steward of the environment has been at the core of what we have done long before “going green” became a popular phrase. Through proper management and vigilant watch, Barkley Company has been able to farm much of the same ground in the Yuma, Dome and Wellton-Mohawk Valleys for more than 100 years. In order to accomplish this, Barkley Company has implemented new and innovative technologies to further reduce fuel consumption from tractors. Irrigation management practices that reduce or minimize the use of water have been addressed and implemented; thus allowing less demand on our valuable water system.

Our family roots run deep in farming tradition. It is our continued hope that future generations can continue farming the land than our great-grandfathers did. We know that we can accomplish this task only by leaving our land better cared for than we found it. Through the continued implementation of enhanced green technology and science, we know it will be done.

Harnessing the power of the sun. Barkley Company of Arizona decided in 2010 to install solar panels to operate the equipment necessary to run their fueling facilities the main yard.

Sustainable and efficient use of resources is what the Electrostatic Spraying System is all about. ESS ensures a very accurate and consistent application of product on crops in the field.