Food Safety

A Progressive Program — Incorporating Sound Science

Here at Barkley Company we are committed to providing customers with only fresh, premium quality and safe produce. We know that this objective can only be achieved through careful work long before a single seed is planted. We believe that proper preseason planning provides the right start, including careful land selection and proper crop rotations. With a ‘boots on the ground’ approach we understand that a proper food safety program involves ongoing monitoring of ranch activity and water quality in order to minimize food safety related issues during a growing season.

At Barkley Company we only grow safe produce that we would be proud to serve to our own families. In order to accomplish this important task, we maintain full-time food safety personnel to manage our program. We understand the importance of proper data management and in 2007 were one of the first in the industry to implement an online food safety data management system to ensure that relevant food safety documentation would be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a Grower, we work closely with all our customers to ensure that standards as outlined in the AZLGMA are met. On an annual basis we participate in several independent third party audits, including Primus GFSi.

Looking to the future of our farming operation, we hope to continue to grow and understand the new technologies and science available to us, allowing us to further enhance the management of our food safety program. For more information about our food safety program contact, Janessa Thelander.

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